March 23, 2024 Grand Theater, Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Reno Nevada
   After an 11 year hiatus legendary rockers Tesla return to Reno Nevada to a sold out show at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino.

   Out now on the "Keep it Reel" tour, Tesla is bringing it's catalog of over 40 years of rock n roll hits, signature sound, and a live show that hasn't slowed down throughout the years to it's fans. The last time Reno saw the band was back in 2013. When the 2024 show was announced the fans responded emphatically by selling it out in just a few weeks.

   The house was packed and the crowd was energized when Tesla hit the stage. Opening with "Lady Luck" off their second album "The Great Radio Controversy" the band caught it's fans a little off guard as they were expecting "Cumin Atcha Live" as the opener. A song the band has opened with for decades. Kicking the night off with "Lady Luck" was a breath of fresh air and a positive sign of what was to come next on tonight's set list.

   As the closing cords of the first song ended, Frank Hannon (guitar) was center stage and ripped right into the legendary riff that begins "Modernday Cowboy". The Grand Theater went crazy and everyone was on their feet with fist in the air. Jeff Keith's (singer) voice sounded timeless and brought everyone in the house back to 1986/87.
   The band didn't let up. Immediately returning to "The Great Radio Controversy" they tore through "Hang Tough" the opening song of the fore mentioned album. They followed this with their very new song "All About Love". A catchy tune with that trademark Tesla sound. The rest of the night Tesla pretty much covered their first 3 albums playing the classics "Paradise", "Gettin Better" and "Call it What You Want" amongst others.

   What was impressive this night was the increasing role that guitarist Dave Rude played. Not having seen the band in 11 years it seemed that Mr Rude was now playing more solo parts in several of the songs. This was great to witness as Dave is such an accomplished player and is a blast to watch live.
   Frank Hannon talked a little about their 1988 tour with Def Leppard. This led right into "Song and Emotion". A song Tesla wrote about and dedicated to the late great Steve "Steamin" Clark of Def Leppard. The song ended with a picture of Steve up on the big screen behind the band and it received a thunderous applause.

   Closing out this night of timeless tunes Tesla pulled out 3 of there biggest hits "Love Song",
"Little Suzie", and the show closer "Signs". The crowd in the Grand Theater was louder than ever showing their love for a fun and flawless night. A night that for a brief moment allowed everyone to escape todays world and return to their younger years. 
   Tesla were nothing short of perfection this night rockin the Grand Sierra with a timeless set list. The band is sounding better than ever. This is a show not to be missed. Tesla will be out on the road through September. This includes a week long residence at the House of Blues in Las Vegas from April 5-13. You will not want to miss this tour if Tesla is coming to a town near you.