Sum 41
01/16/2013 The Knitting Factory Reno Nevada
     Platinum selling/Grammy nominated punker's Sum41 came out to a crazed house at Reno Nevada's Knitting Factory last night and when all was said and done the crowd was chanting for "one more song ".

     Sum 41 is currently touring in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their sophomore release "Does This Look Infected?" Now ten years you say isn't really that long especially when other bands are doing 25th and 30th anniversary album shows. Well with all the guys have been though from recording an album in a war zone, highly publicized divorce, and personal demons I'm sure it seems like a lifetime.

     Opening with "Hell Song" the band quickly took control of the crowd and it was game on. After ripping through several tracks off of "Does This Look Infected". they rounded out the show with several other hits including "Motivation" and "In To Deep" all which had mosh pits going the whole time. During the show Deryck invited a handful of fans to join them on stage. They played a heavy version of the Queen hit "We Will Rock You". A real solid cover of this tune and the crowd let them know. The closer was their big hit "Fat Lip". Everyone of all age's was moving to this song. I even saw staff rocking. What a way to end the night with the crowd chanting "One more song !!!".

     Singer/guitarist Deryck Whibley was on fire and I was really surprised at how good his voice sounded. The crowd roared when he introduced himself "my name is Deryck and I'm an alcoholic". Bassist Cone McCaslin was rocking and is a trip to watch especially when he's rocking doing his twitch arm swing while playing. Way to cool ! A member in the band that I think is under rated is drummer  Steve Jocz. I've always enjoyed Steve's drumming/singing and what a pleasure this night to watch the maturity he's gained in his playing. Newest member Tom Thacker on guitar was all over the place and seemed like he's been in the band since the start.

     There's nothing like watching a great polished veteran band when all cylinders are hitting. Sum 41 not only had the pedal to the metal this night but hit the nitrous bottle from the get go. We here all had a blast at the show and can not recommend this band highly enough. If your looking for a raucous good time then catch these guys live while you can.

Fred Tavernier

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