09/29/2018 Grand Sierra Resort Reno Nevada
    Skid Row and openers Warrant rode into Reno Nevada during Street Vibrations Motorcycle ralley and just destroyed the Grand Theater located in the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

     Having gone non stop now for over 30 years Skid Row have continued to release solid albums and still be relavant despite a few changes in frontmen. Having gone through a few singers since the departure of Seabastion Bach (Johnny Solinger, Tony Harnell-ex TNT) I believe they have now found the perfect frontman in Ex DragonForce singer ZP Theart.
    Opening with "Slave to the Grind", a song I consider one of the all time great opening tunes, the band came out with an energy that captured the crowd immediately and while having us by the throat tore into "Sweet Little Sister" followed by the headbanger "Piece of Me". 

    This night ended up to be all about their 1989 5x platinum self titled debut album. Eight of the songs in the set list came of this classic album including the hits "18 and Life" and "I Remember You". To the bands credit not one song sounded dated. Hats off to ZP Theart for a job well done with his amazing vocals on these timeless gems.
    The two big surprises they played this night where "Livin on a Chain Gang" off 1991's Slave to the Grind and "We are the Damned" off of 2014's United World Rebellion Chapter 2. Both songs work well live and are a breath of fresh air to the set list. 

    Scott "The Snake" Sabo spoke to the crowd shortly and expressed his appreciation for the fans coming out on a Saturday to see them when they could be doing a million things else with their night. He then introduced the song "Monkey Business" and the crowd went wild. During this song Snake and Scott Hill entered a guitar duel against each other which displayed the talent of these two truly gifted guitarist. Not to be overlooked were the vocals of ZP Theart on this song. He again nailed the high notes and screams as he did on the anthem "Youth Gone Wild" which powered the nights set to conclusion.
    There's nothing like a veteran  band when their hitting on all cylinders and Skid Row was full throttle. 

    Snake, Scott, Rachel, ZP, and Rob proved again this night why they have enjoyed the longevity, success, and recognition they each truly deserve. I can't wait to see what lies ahead for Skid Row and thank God everyday for bands like this that are carrying the flag for Heavy Metal into the future.