FOZZY release new album "Boombox" due out May 6
May 3, 2022

                Hard rockers FOZZY release their eighth studio album Boombox via The Century Family/Sony on May 6.  Produced by Johnny Andrews this album finds Andrews and FOZZY at the top of their game. I'll come right out now and make a statement on this release to fire you up to listen and that is: bands today would give not only their left testicle but their right one also to record an album as good as Boombox.

                Chris Jericho (lead vocals), Rich Ward (guitar, vocals), Grant Brooks (Drums), Billy Grey (guitar), PJ Farley (bass), have put together an amazing set of beyond solid songs. Loaded with Ward's and Grey's heavy riffs and stellar solo's along with Jerico's brilliant vocal performance Boombox will not only have you head banging up and down, but you'll find yourself swinging it side to side with the catchiness of the tunes also. Boombox opens with the heavy hitter Sane, a great out of the gate heavy hitter to suck you in. I Still Burn, the albums latest videouses the classic formula of starting off with no distortion and then kicking in hard mid song. A great commercial sound and will be a mainstay in their live show. Purifier, one of my favoritesopens with a great heavy riff and will have you find yourself headbanging pumping your fist in the air by the end. Army of One finds itself the slowest song on Boombox but don't be fooled this is a great song about being true to yourself. I have found myself several times now singing this song throughout the day. Nowhere To Run, My Great Wall, What Hell Is Like are brilliant and continue the anthem rock sound that is the Boombox album. Another standout headbanger deserving to be singled out is the Omen. The opening riff is very reminiscent of the band Disturbed. This song has a great full sound to it and a great chorus that will find you headbang one second and grooving to it the next. This can also be said about the next track The Worst is Yet to Come. FOZZY included one cover song on the album and that is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. A solid cover of the song but not sure if it fits in with the rest of the song structure of the album. Boombox closes just as heavy as it began with The Vulture Club.

               FOZZY and Johnny Andrews have made a classic heavy anthem sounding rock album that could easily end up with several singles off it. Chris Jericho's vocal performance is flawless. Rich Ward and Billy Grey's guitar work on this album is epic. You'll find yourself moving and a grooving to this offering. In fact Boombox is so good I believe it should at the least get a nomination for "Best Rock Performance" from one of the award platforms.

Note: FOZZY will be playing here in Reno NV at the Virginia Street Brewhouse on May 9 and FOZZY'S Save the World continues with the following live dates:

Thursday May 5 Hollywood CA@ The Whisky
Friday, May 6 Garden Grove, CA @ Garden Grove Amphitheater
Saturday, May 7 Roseville, CA @ Goldfield Trading Post
Sunday, May 8 San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
Monday, May 9 Reno, NV @ Virginia Street Brewhouse
Thursday, May 12 Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios
Friday, May 13 Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater
Saturday, May 14 Wichita, KS @ Temple Live
Sunday, May 15 Fort Smith, AR @ Temple Live
Monday, May 16 Sauget, IL @ Pop’s

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I Still Burn
Nowhere To Run