Black Label Society
12/16/2011 Regency Ballroom San Francisco
Photos at bottom of review. Photos taken from photo pit and from crowd
   Well if you read my review of Black Label Society's show on 10/27 just take that review and multiply it by 100. I have caught BLS several times and by far this was the best show I've seen by them hands down. WOW !

  The show took place at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. I have reviewed this place in the past and it has become one of my favorite places to catch a show in SF. Great sound, light show, and staff.

  BLS opened with the title track off their latest release "Crazy Horse" Zakk again sported his Indian headdress and the show was on....crowd going crazy.

  Through out the whole show the band was in the best spirits I have ever seen them in. BLS this night was firing on all cylinders.  Zakks playing every time I see him just blows me away. His guitar solo this night rivaled his best solo I ever saw him do back in 1991. To be in the photo pit and standing 2-3 feet from Zakk while he tore it up was amazing.

  Rounding out BLS on guitar is Nick Catanese. I have said this before Nick is a fine guitarist in his own rite. You got to be jamming with Zakk. Nick was having a blast interacting with the crowd as he always does. The crowd responded with enthusiasm. On bass is "JD" John Deservio. John was BLS original bass player but left for awhile and is now back. On drums I believe is Chad Szeliga. If I'm wrong someone please correct me.

  Toward the middle of the show Zakk hit the piano. This man is an unbelievable piano player. He does not get the respect or recognition he deserves for this talent. Unbelievable !!!! Especially his tribute to Dimebag Darryl.

  The set list this night was brilliant. A great placing of songs covering something of every album.

   I said it in my last review of BLS and that is if you haven't ever seen them you have to go see Zakk and the boys next time they roll through. To witness Zakk's play first hand is something in life not to miss !  Check out all the pics I think thay came out pretty good.