Black Label Society
Concord CA 10/27/2011
   AHHHHH the almighty Zakk Wylde and BLS return ! YES !!!! If you have never caught Zakk live boy have you missed out on seeing one of the best rock guitarist in the world. Zakk proved it again this night.

   BLS came out all guns blazing opening with "Crazy Horse" Zakk was in costume for the song wearing a Indian headdress that was huge and I'm gonna guess not cheap either. It looked sweet !

    BLS consist of guitarist Nick Catanese. Who is a very solid guitarist in his own right. He put on a great show not only with his playing but with his crowd interaction. He had the folks on his side of the stage all fired up. On the other side there is John "JD" Deservio on bass. He was the original bass player for BLS. He left for awhile but is back. JD had a smile on his face the whole time and was all over working he crowd. New on drums is Chad Szeliga. I believe this is BLS's fourth drummer in the last year or so. Anyway's he did a fine job as the latest drummer. Very solid.

    During the set Zakk tore into a guitar solo that was ear bleeding. WOW ! I've seen Zakk several times over the years and not since the show at the Warfield in San Francisco back in 1991 have I seen him do a solo like this. UNBELIEVABLE !!! He jammed for around 5-7 minutes not slowing down once. Like I said it was ear bleeding. This is what guitar solo's are supposed to be like. On top of this Zakk's voice sound really good.

    BLS closed the show with "Stillborn" and Zakk holding his jacket high up so all could read the back as he ended their set. Another great show by BLS !!!! If you want to see guitar playing at its best go catch BLS next time they roll through and if you never got to see him with Ozzy.... well you missed out !!!!!!

Photos at bottom of review/ Photo's shot from crowd