Sleep Train Amp. Marysville CA October 13, 2011
Art of Dying
     Art of Dying was one of the bands I had heard of but new nothing about them. I did recognize their song "Die Trying." These guys hail from Canada and are fronted by Jonny Hetherington. The two top notch guitarist are Greg Bradley and Travis Stanley and the beat section consists of Cale Gontier on bass and Jeff Brown on drums.

     These guy definitely rock !!! I was really impressed with Jonny Hetherington's voice. It has a great tone to it. Jonny definitely has a great stage presence about him and was getting a impressive response from the crowd. Both Greg and Travis amazed me with their playing. Great sound and riffs. Cale Gontier  (b) was a mad man. Cale was all over the stage and seemed to be enjoying getting photographed. He would look right at me every time I pointed the camera at him. Can't leave out Jeff Brown who provided a solid beat.

      These guys are another up and coming band that Im glad I got to see and turned on to their music. I would definitely go see these guys again if given the chance.

3 of 5 stars.
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