07/11/2013 The Knitting Factory Boise Idaho
  Blowing the minds of tons of ecstatic fans, Ted Nugent rocked a packed Knitting Factory on July 11th in Boise Idaho. Pulling out a set full of his rockin' super hits, Uncle Ted was the second act to close out the show and he had everyone on their feet from the beginning of the set to the very last second of their time on stage. Ted and his band are part of a dying performing breed to put on a true, in your face, gutsy rock show and they were not timid about it one bit. Taking us back to a time when rock was huge, loud and fearless, Nugent and crew definitely have it going on in the world of rock.


  Starting the show off was Mr. Nugent shouting a big "Freedom!" to the crowd which really got everyone fired up for Ted's six string assault. Ted fired off with a couple of classics, "Wango Tango" and "Just What the Doctor Ordered" which set the tone perfectly for how this night was going to go down.  Pure awesomeness. These songs are just such a fast paced tempo which allows for some epic shredding on guitar mainly executed by the front man himself. The atmosphere was insanely energetic and everyone seemed to be having a good time on their Thursday night so far. This was only the beginning.  

   About mid-set, the also very well known "Stranglehold" and "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" popped up to fill our ear drums with rock 'n roll bliss. Ted Nugent expressed his love for Boise, Idaho with classic gems which this mainly 40-something crowd was just dying to hear. Coming to Boise was how the legendary Ted Nugent kicked off his 7 week US tour saying how Boise is a great piece of America. Everyone felt proud that Boise was the place out of all of America that Nugent and band chose to kick off their tour. Man, this was a truly rockin' show and probably one of the most intense shows of 2013 in Boise.

  After going to see so many shows, I've begun to pay more attention to the little things that help put on the whole production of a rock show. What really caught my attention this time around was the awesome light show. Typically, I either think a light show sucks or I don't have a comment on the matter but this light show was simply badass. It really played its part in helping to put on a totally epic show. It definitely turned up the awesome, visual interest a few degrees and it was so great! Kudos, to the lighting guy and the Knitting Factory Boise. Job well done.

  In full disclosure, this is the first time I have seen Ted Nugent and his band mates, Derek, Greg and Mick, in concert so I had no idea what to expect. However, from the very first moment of their stage time, I could tell that the set was going to be incredible. Coming out of the mist, Ted and his amazing Gibson beauty got everyone on their feet with classic tones of crisp distortion and clean riffs. I, along with many other people, would love to try playing the rock legend's gorgeous Gibson guitar. The tone of it was stunning.

To sum things up, my first time seeing Ted Nugent blew my mind to a million pieces and being able to shoot/review the show was a total blast! Nugent has proven that old school rock 'n roll is alive, well, and still kicking some ass! 

  Uncle Ted, you totally killed it in Boise and thanks for picking us to kick start your US tour! You're always welcome  back here any time !

Megan Schuessler