Skid Row
03/06/2011 The Avalon Santa Clara CA
   " We are the youth gone wild..." well at one time we all were !!!!!  Its hard to believe it's been a few decades since we first heard Mr Bach and the boys belt that tune out. Ok I'm feeling old now.

   I was more than excited when this show was announced. I have seen Skid Row several times since they hit the scene way back when but never in a small setting like the Avalon.

   Now down to business on a topic I did not realize people in the Bay Area weren't aware of. I known for years now that Sebastion Bach is no longer in the band.  HELLO PEOPLE !!!!!! The bands singer for the last ten or so years has been Johnny Solinger. They have two albums out with him. You should of seen the Facebook postings about people saying they cant wait to see Mr Bach and then you should have seen the postings when they heard he's no longer in the band. And these people call themselves fans !!!!! YEA RIGHT !!!!

   On to the show....The boys came out all guns blazing. WOW!!!!! What a difference from seeing them in an arena setting.  What was cool from a fans perspective was that this show was on a work night so the club was only half full. I stood in front of Scotti Hill for the first few songs to watch his playing up close. I personally think both Scott Hill and Dave Sabo are way under rated in their playing. Watching Scott that close along with his crowd interaction was incredible .

   Rachel Bolan was on that side of the sage also  and was ripping on the bass. I had a great view of their latest drummer Rob Hammersmith . Rob is a really solid drummer and fits with the band really well.

   I ventured to the opposite side to catch Dave "the snake" Sabo. Again like I said about these guys way underrated. Dave is an incredible guitarist also. In the middle of the show Dave and Scott squared off for a guitar duel. The battle back and fourth was amazing !

   As far as the singer Johnny Solinger. I've seen him front this band live five times. He definitely is no Sebastion Bach but this night was the best I've seen him sing. RIGHT ON !!!! He was hitting everything. Great interaction with the crowd.

   The band covered all their hits along with several songs off their last two albums with Johnny.. After seeing these guys in a club I cant ever imagine seeing them in a large setting again. What a show these guys have always put on.

   After the show I got to hang out  with them. Every member was way to cool, signed my shots and they all took time to complement me on my photography.

Skid Row: 4 out of 5 stars