Sleep Train Amp. Marysville CA October 13, 2011
     What a difference a show makes ! I caught Sevendust for the first time a fews years back opening for Disturbed in Sacramento. Let me tell you this. They sucked that night to say the least !!!!!!!!! I was like "cool never gonna go see them again." Fast forward to the UPROAR SHOW.......

     Like I said what a difference a show makes. Its now late afternoon and the second stage area is getting packed. Sevendust walks out on stage to a thunderous roar. Im like "ok I'll shoot these guys then head to the bar for a double Jack and Coke before the main stage fires up."  Right then Sevendust tears into "Splinter" and were off and running. By the end of "Splinter" I was thinking......Um this does"t seem like the Sevedust I saw two years ago. The sound and band were increadible. I was realy impressed.

     Lajon Witherspoon (v) had the dreadlocks flying as he worked the crowd over. His voice sounded great.  Clint Lowery (g) and John Connolly rocked it hard. I stood in front of John for awhile taking pics but more over just watching this guy jam. Pretty impressive pedal board also. Morgan Rose looks like an interesting indivual with that crazy red hair but a great drummer never the less. Now on to a guy that I thought was a charater......Vince Hornsby on bass. Vince ran around the stage inciting the crowd with fist pumped in the air all the way down to blowing kisses at the ladies. Nice job !!!!!!!

        Overall Sevendust was amazing. These guys made up for the last time I saw them. Killer ! Sevendust is now out on tour in support of the new album "Cold Day Memory" If they happen to be playing in your neck of the woods I would say go catch them live especially after this performance !

4 of 5 stars

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