After close to two years of not performing and a full month and a half before the release of their new album "Impera" (March 11th) GHOST kicked off their new tour in Reno Nevada.  Joining them for the haunt are Co headliners Danish rockers VOLBEAT and Twin Temple in support.

  Kicking off the night's mayhem were satanic Doo-woppers Twin Temple. An interesting band to say the least. Set aside the satanic stage rituals and one realizes this is a very talented group. With Alexandra James amazing voice and Zachary James catchy rifts they made it work. Kudos.

   Co heading was Danish heavyweights VOLBEAT in support of their new offering "Servant of the Mind". Always a great band to see live VOLBEAT did not disappoint. Opening with "Temple of Ekur" off their latest release VOLBEAT had the Reno Events Center in complete mayhem. The circle pit immediately opened up and it didn't let up till the end of their set. VOLBEAT didn't stop either ripping right into "Pelvis on Fire" and other classics. The band continued their metal assault lead by singer/guitarist Michael Poulsen as they played several more of their hits.
   VOLBEAT gave their fans a 15 song set which included several new songs off their latest release. I've said it before and that's when a band of this stature is firing on all cylinders live it truly is a spectacle to see and this night VOLBEAT was flawless.
    After a 50-minute intermission, while the road crew delt with opening night issues, Tobias Forge and the nameless ghouls got the night's church service off in grand style. Opening with the soon to be next classic GHOST song "Kaisarion" the fans were immediately treated to a sampling of what's to come on the new album. Having the fans immediately by the throat GHOST ripped into "Rats" followed by "Pinnacle to the Pit".
   GHOST sported a new look this night. Singer Tobais Forge has taken his past roll of Cardinal Copia and transformed into what is now Papa Emeritus IV. The nameless ghouls have ditched their classic silver ghoul masks for a completely black steampunk look. This new look is very reminiscent of the 1981 cult film classic "Heavy Metal". The stage was a bigger rendition of the "Prequelle" tour which was a church theme with stained glass windows as the backdrop.

    The band also debuted "Hunter's Moon" which was released as a single last September and is on their upcoming release. "Hunter's Moon" is destine to become another GHOST classic. Unfortunately this was one of only two songs performed off the new album. With the release of their second single "Call Me Little Sunshine" just a week ago I was hoping to hear this new song also but to no prevail. I can only imagine that this song has to be killer live.
   One of the night's highlights, amongst the 16 songs performed, was the first encore. GHOST performed their version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman". The arrangement of this song was brilliant. Beginning the song with just vocals and a piano allowed for the fans to sing along until the nameless ghouls kicked it into overdrive and the place went crazy. 

   The band closed out this incredible night with three encores. The fore mentioned "Enter Sandman" followed by "Dance Macabe" and closing it all out with "Square Hammer". For me there was a moment at the end that was exhilarating. To see all the extended players in GHOST come down to center stage to hug and congratulating each other for their weeks of hard work preparing for this night and it paid off. That comradery spoke volumes about the players that make up this band GHOST. They turned to the crowd for one final bow and the first night was in the books.
   This show was the start of the GHOST/VOLBEAT 26 city tour that ends March 3 in Anaheim California in support of "Impera". The GHOST/VOLBEAT show is a spectacle and one not to miss as this looks like one of the best line ups touring in 2022.
January 25, 2022 Reno Events Center Reno Nevada