Escape the Fate
Sleep Train Amp. Marysville CA October 13, 2011
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    Escape the Fate is one of the bands that I've heard of and am only familiar with their video for "The Flood". I was looking forward to seeing these guys to hear what their other material sounded like.

    I was about twenty feet infront of the stage surrounded by kids half my age all talking about how they couldn't wait to see ETF. This of course got me fired up to see these guys.

    ETF came out to a frenzied reception from the crowd. The chant started "Choose your Fate, Choose your Fate" While this was going on Rob Ortiz (d) was getting in behind his set and pointed right at me as I snapped a shot.

     I wish I was more familiar with ETF's music. Kevin Thrasher (g) went into a killer guitar rift and ETF had me from there. Frontman Craig Mavsbitt sounded really good as he feed off the crowds energy. The one thing that caught my eye right off the get go was Black Tide's bass player Zakk Sandler came out with the band. Very interesting since ETF's original bass player Max Green was reported to be back for the tour. Not sure if this stems from Green's very public drug addiction or past legal problems. But any way Zakk seemed to fit right in.

    These guys put on a great set. I was really impressed to the point Im going out to buy there latest release.

       Cant wait to catch these guys again.       3 of 5 stars