Dirty Like Money
06/15/2013 The Revolution Concert House Boise Idaho
  Relatively new band, Dirty Like Money, incorrectly introduced as Bank, took the Revolution stage with incredible energy and charisma on Saturday June 15, 2013.  

  Dirty Like Money is an Idaho based group consisting of the perfect recipe of talent. Currently, the group doesn't have an album available to get your hands on but they're planning to record in  the near future according to the four piece's lead singer Dan. I guess we'll definitely have to hold him to what he said on that because this band's ideas, sound and versatility are absolutely amazing ! Dirty Like Money is a breath of fresh air in a music world that very rarely has any new sounds.  They totally do away that same old stale taste of the typical music we've been consuming for quite a while.

  This amazing night of music wasn't just about the three bands that poured their energy and heart into their set lists. This particular night at the Revolution was dedicated to an awesome cause put on by the National Alliance on Mental Illness AKA NAMI. This really hit home for many people in the crowd since we all know at least one person with a form of mental illness. I personally believe that in our society, we have more people with mental illness than those who don't. NAMI is a great, non-profit organization that really takes the initiative in helping people live with their mental illness. It provides services to people with mental illness as well as a supportive and caring community for them. NAMI really works wonders with this mission of theirs.

  Now for a little bit more about the show, shall we? Dirty Like Money started off the night with a rocking tune called "Maps and Keys" which, to put it simply, blew the brains out of my skull (in the best of ways).  Dan, Aaron, Matt and Luke's energy really began pumping up the crowd for a night of pure rocking greatness. Aaron really fueled each and every song with his clean, often punchy riffs and leads allowing Dan's rhythm and amazing vocals to really come through. Matt really kept the groove chugging along on his bass guitar and Luke pounded his awesomeness into each bit and piece of the bands nine song set on his blue, Ludwig kit.

  Though the group is in fact, relatively new, by the middle of the set, many of the people in the room were rocking out, dancing or giving their head nods of approval. One of the band's final pieces of greatness was an intimate, quiet song called "Idaho". The song explains how the state is the band's home and how they couldn't live without their homeland. Although I'm not originally from Idaho and I often miss California, the vulnerability of this song, chemistry of the band members and beautiful lyrics made me feel right at home. After hearing that song, I wouldn't trade my experience in Idaho for the world.

  This was an incredible way to kick off my summer concert going season. As usual, the staff at the Revolution Concert House was helpful and pleasant which always makes for a nice shooting experience. I also really appreciate the wonderful things NAMI has been doing to create a welcoming community for the people with mental illnesses. It touched all of our hearts a little bit in some form or another..

  Lastly, a big shout out to Dirty Like Money who gave us all a set and night to remember. You guys better record your album! We're all looking forward to it. You guys are so awesome!

Megan Schuessler