Bullet for my Valentine
Sleep Train Amp. Marysville CA October 13, 2011
Photos at bottom of review
     Bullet for my Valentine was my biggest surprise of the day. Again not real familiar with their music but did recognize a few of their songs such as "Your Betrayal" and "Bittersweet Memories".  The band consist of singer Matt Tuck, Padge on guitar, Jason James(b), and Michael Thomas (d).

      The mood amongst the crowd was pure excitement and anticipation for these guys. Just listening to the folks in the crowd that had see them before I was ready to check these guys out.

      Bullet came out and took immediate control. I was shocked to hear how the guitar phrasing were written. Reminded me at some points as a cross between Iron Maiden and Dream Theater but with some screaming and catchy hooks and melodies. Guitarist Padge just amazed me with his riffs very European. I like this guys style alot.

      Singer Matt Tuck who also plays guitar sounded incredible. All the singers at UPROAR were dead on for this late in the tour.
      I really enjoyed watching Jason James. He had the classic rock moves going on. He really looked like he was having a blast. Good solid bass player along with a solid drummer in Michael Thomas.

      These guys so far were my favorite up to this point in the day. I'm heading down to get their albums as soon as I finish this review and will catch these guys every time the come through the area.

4 out of 5 stars.