Blue Oyster Cult
Best in the West Rib Cookoff Sparks NV 09/04/11
Photos at bottom of review/ Photos shot from crowd
   This years John Ausqua's Best in the West Rib Cookoff was a blast and the entertainment line up was solid. The final night of the cookoff brought a band I love and have seen several times since the early eighties. I got to catch them once at the Stone in San Francisco when they played under their alias the "Soft White Underbellies". I was very excited to see what they had to offer after all these years especially since the famed bassist Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot) was now with the band.

    The stage at the cook off is set up outdoors just east of the VIP eating area. Since we had VIP tickets we were eating while the band did sound check. They sounded great. For now.......

    Time for the show to start and BOC came out to a packed crowd that went crazy. Unfortunately the sound board guy dropped the ball and the sound cut in and out for the first 3-4 songs. This really sucked cuz one of the songs he screwed up was "Burning for You". Probably one of their most memorable songs next to "Godzilla".

   The band now is fronted by two original member. Vocalist/guitarist Buck Dharma and guitarist Eric Bloom. Joining them as I mentioned earlier is Rudy Sarzo on bass along with Richie Castellano (gr/kb) and Jules Radino (dr). Once the sound guy got it fixed the band went into overdrive ripping out several of their classics. The moment in the show that caught me off guard was when they introduced Rudy Sarzo. The band played a melody of tunes from the bands he played with. Again that being Quiet Riot, Ozzy, and one Mr Ronnie James Dio. This was really a cool addition to the show and showed their respect to Rudy for his years in the biz.

    What a way to close 2011's Rib Cookoff. BOC brought back alot of memories from the eighties. What a pleasure to see them again. I will definitely catch them the next time they roll through and you should to. Nothing funner than to hear and sing to Godzilla blaring out the amps. Real quick note on the Rib Cookoff. This event is my favorite of all events that take place in the Reno NV area. Good food and great Music. Come on up and pig out on pork for the Labor Day weekend !!!!!!