Sleeptrain Amp. Marysville CA October 13, 2011
Black Tide
    On my drive to the show I listened to the new Black Tide album "Post Mortem". I had seen the new video for "That Fire" and was taken back by their new sound. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not especially being a big fan of their first release. I listened to the album three times threw on my roadtrip.
By the time I got to the show some of the songs stared to catch on. I had a few songs off the album in mind that I would like to hear live at the show.

     The crowd for the second stage started growing dramatically in anticipation for Black Tide. I rolled into the photo pit right as the intro started to play. I was fired up to say the least. I saw them in support of their first album and they kicked ass !!!!

     The Tide came out rolling with "Warriors of Time" off their first album. All four members do some serious headbanging. I don't know how Austin Diaz (g) plays thrashing like he does. Gabriel Garcia, Black Tides frontman, sounded really good even though his voice had changed since the first album. This kid is the real deal for 18 years old and we are gonna be hearing from him for many years to come.

     They followed with a new song "Walking Dead Man." This is my favorite song off the new release. This song sounded freakin awesome compared to the recorded version. In fact all the new songs they played sounded 100x better live ! I was blown away with the live sound of the new songs.

      Austin Diaz (g), Zakk Sandler (b), and Steven Spence (d) were all on the same page and the band sounded so tight. Being up close for this show I realized what a bad ass drummer Steven Spence is. The guy is a maniac behind the skins.

     While shooting the show Gabriel Garcia came up to me and leaned over right into my camera's view. Standing two feet from this guy while he jammed was something I wont soon forget. Check the pics I took of this.

      Overall I would give BT a 4 0f 5 stars. These guys truly know how rock is
supposed to be played. Don't miss these guys if ya have the chance.


Photos at bottom of review