03/05/2013 The Knitting Factory Reno Nevada
   Carrying the banner for the next wave of anthem laden Glam Metal, the Black Veil Brides left the crowd last night at the Knitting Factory in Reno Nevada with a taste of what the shows on the Sunset Strip were like back in the 80's.

   I arrived at the venue to be greeted by a line of fans that stretched around the block and down the street. As I walked past the line I noticed how many fans were wearing make-up reminiscent of the band. It was at this point I realized that these are not just fans, this is an army and this legion seemed to be made up mainly of females of all ages. This mix of the crowd was very obvious when the they broke out singing to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" playing over the house system. There was no roar to the crowd this night it was the high pitch sound of screaming women. Not a bad thing at all !

   The screaming rose to a pitch almost unbearable as the lights went down. The intro rolled and the band came out and ripped into "I Am Bulletproof". This is the first song off the bands new album "Wretched and Divine". It wasn't more than a minute or two in to their set when the bra's and panties started flying.

    Singer Andy Biersack's voice sounded perfect and for a young performer he ruled the stage like he'd been doing this for 30 years. The girls went crazy everytime he smiled and reached out towards them. The two guitarist, Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson and Jake Pitts, stuck the classic poses and looked like they just stepped out of a time machine from the 80's. These two are not to be taken lightly. The talent in their playing is remarkable. This was very evident in several of their songs including "The Legacy". The solo and phrasing in this song are incredible and seeing it played live just reinforced my belief in the longevity of this fine band. The fan favorite of the women that were around me was Bassist Ashley Purdy. Cries of "Ashley" seemed to never stop. Ashley acknowledged these cries and smiled and pointed their way which caused even more deafening screams. Drummer Christian "CC" Coma is nothing short of an animal on the drums. CC's playing was driving and insane (see video "The Legacy") and reminds me of a young Tommy Lee. 

   The BVB's tore though several more tracks off their latest release including it's title track "Wretched and Divine" and pulled from their past and played the hits "Fallen Angles" and "Perfect Weapon". They played one cover song being Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell". A very well done cover. The show ended with their current single "In the End". A great anthem to end a even better show.

   I grew up in the rock clubs in San Francisco (The Stone, The Mab, Rock On Broadway) during the early to mid eighties and watched many a Glam band (Jet Boy, Vain, Sybil, Poison). Not since those days have I seen a band come close to reproducing the feel of the 1980's club shows. That was until I saw Black Veil Brides live. I didn't want this show to end !

    It's great to see a band that carries the metal anthem sound with a Glam look. This gives today's generation a view into the past but with a present flare.The BVB'S will be on the Van's "Warped" tour this summer. If either seeing them on the big stage or club these guys will not disappoint.

Fred Tavernier






"In The End" Video
"The Legacy" Video
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