02/28/2013 The Knitting Factory Boise Idaho
  The Black Veil Brides brought the heat to a dreary, rain filled Boise, Idaho on February 28th playing the Knitting Factory. Rain or shine, the BVB Army will remain loyal to their idols and follow them to the end and it definitely showed in the energy that made its way throughout the room. Once people began filling in the concert house the place got packed to the walls. The crowd was already super excited but were trying to conserve most of their energy for the main attraction. Hailing from Hollywood, California, Black Veil Brides have been taking modern, hardcore rock by storm all over the globe. Make way for Black Veil Brides!

  By the time the band appeared on stage in front of the screaming crowd, they were ready to rock Boise to its core and the huge number of people that came  to enjoy the show had absolutely no problem with that. The set opener was the incredible song "I Am Bulletproof" from Black Veil Brides' most recent album, "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones". Through the entirety of the song, the crowd was up off their feet and even many of the parents at the show were rocking out to the awesome riffs being played. Once the opening song came to a close, it was obvious that everyone wanted more from these talented musicians and that's exactly what they got. The band broke into "New Religion" and as they were tearing it up and the crowd wasn't even remotely close to fading out.

  Toward the beginning of the set they got real with us and told a recent story of the interesting process of checking into a hotel looking slightly out of the ordinary. The guy who was carrying the band's bags didn't know who they were and hadn't heard anything about them and asked another hotel staff member, "Who the f*** are these clowns?". Andy then pumped everyone up and gave us his lovely words of wisdom about the payoffs of being different, "Sometimes it pays to be a freak." Mid-set they played through their own rendition of the classic Billy Idol song "Rebel Yell". This brought back memories for many and added a modern rock twist to the 80's song. Later this went into Andy telling us, "We love you but love isn't always fair" which of course, led into "Love Isn't Always Fair". To end the set, they rocked "Fallen Angels" which whipped the crowd into a frenzy. They claimed this would be the final song of the night but we all knew we wanted them back for one more song.

  Nearly every person at the Knit was chanting for the rockin' group to show their lovely faces on Boise's Knitting Factory stage for a final good-bye before they left for the night. The rock crew barely made their exit before people were calling for them to return. It wasn't too long before Andy, CC, Ashley, Jinxx and Jake appeared once again in front of their cheering fans. The air was filled with pure exhilaration as the last song of the night, "In the End", began. The song choice to end the night couldn't have been better and the show ended with a very pleased BVB Army as well as some brand new fans.

  Black Veil Brides pulled off another awesome show and all of us in attendence were so happy that they came to pay Boise, Idaho a little visit, you guys rocked! I would like to give a shout out to the ever sweet and helpful staff at the Knitting Factory and a big shout out to Collin ! This show was so awesome and a lot of fun and I hope I can see them again.

Megan Schuessler