06/25/2013 The Knitting Factory Boise Idaho
  Just before the "final" song of the set, Josh introduced all the other talent that makes up the band we know and love. Stevie D and Keith both shredded on guitars, Jimmy set the groove perfectly on his bass and Xavier pounded his heart out into every song on the set. Together, the five of the them killed it in Boise! The "last" song of the set was, you guess it, "Crazy Bitch" which was a great way to leave the crowd craving more since that song is just too cool! So it is not a surprise in the slightest that right as the song ended, fans were already calling them back to the stage for an encore. The band hardly had time to leave the stage before the crowd was screaming that they wanted more and the group came right back with two songs to close out the night.

  To sum it up, June 25th was an incredibly epic night that Boise will remember for a long time. The Knitting Factory showed  again why the venue kicks ass and the staff? Well they were totally awesome like usual. Lastly, straight up... Buckcherry killed it !

Megan Schuessler
  Even though it was a rainy Tuesday on June 25th, which was
a bummer for many of us, Buckcherry showed  the Knit in Boise
Idaho an awesome time . The floor was absolutely packed with
die hard Buckcherry fans ready to dance their asses off and make
up for the Seattle-like gloom and doom. The five piece group brought down the house with their energy, powerful rock anthems and brought out the dancing side in even the people that always have that excuse of, "I don't dance." Well on June 25th they sure did and it's all thanks to Buckcherry. The band gave it their all and tore it up on a night to remember.
  The anticipation for the main act to finally hit the stage was crazy after the opening acts, 57 Heavy and Girl on Fire (pic's at bottom), brought on the heat before hand. This anticipation definitely showed since the crowd was screaming the band's name again and again. All this, in hopes they could get their favorite band up on stage in front of their eyes ASAP. When the band finally got up on stage, the crowd was euphoric and as if just the sight of Buckcherry was enough to totally pump the crowd up, the first song they jumped into was a long time, fan favorite, "Lit Up". A great tune to start the night off right with punchy guitars and a rocking beat. The fun obviously didn't stop from there. Buckcherry kept the set right on coming with jamming songs like "All Night Long" which I thought was a perfect anthem for the night since even though it was a Tuesday, we all wanted to rock out all night long. There's no band better than Buckcherry to rock out to all night!
  Another fast paced dancing hit that was played was "Next 2 You". This song is incredibly catchy and it's got this awesome beat that once you hear it, you just have to get out of your chair and dance. That's exactly happened on this awesome Tuesday night!

  Between the up tempo, crunchiness of the band's songs of excess and things of a more naughty nature, they slowed things down a bit with the occasional ballad such as "Sorry". This song is so heartfelt but packs just as much of a punch. The really amazing thing about Buckcherry is that many songs differ with others which brings out all kinds of different sounds. This really makes for a crazy epic listening experience. It also creates a lot of peaks and valleys in a set so the night isn't just a plateau. Many bands haven't quite discovered this yet but this group has it down to an art form!